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Visualization & Displays

Displays constitute the largest photonics market in revenue terms, with predictions to reach 120B€ in annual worldwide revenues by 2017. As an instrumental technology for the realization of a digital, inclusive and innovative society, advances in displays can positively impact on a number of other major socio-economic challenges, such as energy efficient displays with low weight and material (especially hazardous) footprint, or high quality displays for safety critical applications such as medical imaging, security and air transport.  The display industry is currently experiencing a major shift in terms of value creation, which opens a new world of threats and opportunities for incumbent players. Where better image quality (e.g. resolution, brightness, contrast, color saturation, viewing angle, etc.) has traditionally been perceived as foremost in driving competitive advantage, in a growing number of markets new value creation now primarily comes from augmenting displays with network connectivity, user interaction and application-specific features to form complete visualization systems, thus delivering a highly expanded solution to the needs of the end-users. In the consumer market, such a trend is clearly visible with the recent transformation of the “TV” market into the “Connected Living Room” market. Similarly in the business world, easy (remote) collaboration and improved workflow efficiency are among the top requirements being expressed for professional visualization products.

Examples of where photonics is applied in Visualization & Displays include:

  • LED based projection

  • Advanced displays

  • Mobile devices

  • 3D camera systems

  • Micro-displays

  • Micro-projectors

  • Micro-cameras

  • Scanners

  • Barcode readers

  • Spatial Light Modulators (SLMs)

  • Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs)

  • Switches