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Application domains

Photonics – the science and technology of harnessing light - is everywhere around us: from communications and health, to materials processing in production, to lighting and photovoltaics, and to everyday products like DVD players and mobile phones.

We use photonic technologies to light up our homes, offices and cities, to harvest renewable energy from the sun, to make telephone calls or surf the Internet, to enable early medical diagnosis and treatments, to establish clean and efficient manufacture of a multitude of everyday products, or to provide reliable security systems to protect us as we travel. Yet the full disruptive potential of photonics is only now becoming clear.

New advances in photonics will revolutionize so many industries and have far-reaching implications for those companies that innovate and launch exciting new products to serve different application demands in the marketplace, and those that don’t. Whatever your application domain, contact us to see how ACTPHAST can help your company be at the cutting-edge of innovation with photonics.