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Photonics is a key enabler for SME innovation and growth across Europe's regions

Tuesday, 26 April, 2016

ACTPHAST was invited to give a talk at the meeting of the Assembly of European Regions in Timisoara, Romania for its Spring Plenary which took place from 11-14 April 2016. The ACTPHAST presentation, followed by a Q&A from the audience, was provided by Prof Hugo Thienpont of the Brussels Photonics Team (B-Phot) at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Coordinator of ACTPHAST. The presentation gave examples of companies that ACTPHAST is currently supporting, that demonstrates the major impact on SME innovation - and ultimately on business growth and job creation - that can be achieved through the support model of ACTPHAST, particularly with SMEs that are not photonics companies but can benefit from the integration of photonics components into their products or processes. By teaming up with ACTPHAST, the European regions can leverage these benefits for innovation and business growth of the SMEs in their own localities linked to their own smart specialisation strategy.