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Oxford PV

Company details

Company Name: 
Oxford Photovoltaics
Company Type: 
Medium Enterprise (less than 250 employees and revenues less than 50 MEUR)
Industry Sector: 
Activity Description: 
Founded in 2010, Oxford PV is commercialising a solid-state, thin-film perovskite solar cell which is poised to significantly boost the performance of silicon solar cells and change the way we utilise glass in building construction.

Project information

Project Phase: 
Contract Phase
Technology Platform: 
Polymer-based photonic components and large-area organic-photonics
Application Field: 
Solar Energy
Project Scope: 
Energy yield modelling of perovskite/Si multijunction PV
ACTPHAST Partners: 
Project Leader: 
Dr. Mathias Heckele (KIT)
Project Start: 
October 2017
Project Duration: 
7 months